Recovery Addiction Recovery in East Grand Rapids, Michigan

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, Samaritan Health PC is here to help. Located at 42.944350, -85.605480, our addiction recovery program provides comprehensive care tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Compassionate and Personalized Care for Addiction Recovery

At Samaritan Health PC, we understand that addiction is a complex and deeply personal issue. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is committed to providing compassionate and personalized care to support individuals on their journey to recovery.

Our addiction recovery program in East Grand Rapids is designed to address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction. We offer a range of evidence-based treatments, therapies, and support services to help individuals heal and reclaim their lives.

Comprehensive Treatment for Lasting Recovery

Our addiction recovery program is a comprehensive approach that emphasizes evidence-based treatments and therapies. We believe in addressing the underlying causes of addiction and providing the necessary tools and support for long-term recovery.

Some of the key elements of our addiction recovery program include:

  • Medical Detoxification: We provide a safe and supervised environment for individuals to detox from drugs or alcohol under medical supervision.
  • Individual Counseling: Our licensed therapists work closely with individuals to develop personalized treatment plans and provide ongoing support.
  • Group Therapy: Engaging in group therapy allows individuals to connect with others who share similar experiences, providing a sense of community and support.
  • Family Therapy: We recognize the importance of involving families in the recovery process. Our family therapy sessions aim to mend relationships and provide education and support.
  • Holistic Therapies: We offer a variety of holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, and art therapy to promote healing and overall well-being.
  • Aftercare Planning: Our team supports individuals in developing a personalized aftercare plan to ensure continued success and support after completing our program.

By combining these elements, we provide a comprehensive approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction recovery.

Experienced and Caring Professionals

At Samaritan Health PC, our addiction recovery program is led by experienced and caring professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction. Our team includes licensed therapists, physicians, nurses, and support staff who work together to provide exceptional care.

We understand that addiction is a complex disease that requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Our integrated team collaborates to create personalized treatment plans and provide ongoing support, ensuring each individual receives the care they need to achieve lasting recovery.

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If you or your loved one is ready to take the first step towards addiction recovery, Samaritan Health PC is here to help. With our compassionate and comprehensive approach, we strive to empower individuals to overcome addiction and lead fulfilling lives.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please visit our website at Our team is ready to assist you on your journey to recovery.